So one more year passes, year 2022 is round the corner but 2021 was also a roller coaster ride since the COVID-19 lockdown from 2020 and vaccines were rolled out around the world. Still not safe from danger, more variants detected but life still goes on. A little recap of year 2021 through Pictures taken by me.

  1. Curfew in Abu Dhabi, UAE. :- Abu Dhabi had a curfew recently, no one was allowed to be on the streets after 12 a.m. other than emergency reasons. The measures were taken due to sanitization of the city.
Empty streets in Abu Dhabi

2. Gold Souk in Dubai, U.A.E. : Dubai always stands out to its quality and quantity. Known for its golden beaches, vibrant nightlife, dazzling architecture and the list goes on. Very less know it is also known as “City of Gold”. Yes, anything that glitters is always Gold in Dubai. A 24K gold mask, crown and other accessories at Dubai Gold Souk.

Gold Souk in Dubai

3. Trams in Zurich, Switzerland: Public transport is extremely popular in Zürich, and its inhabitants use public transport in large numbers. About 70% of the visitors to the city use the tram or bus, and about half of the journeys within the municipality take place on public transport. 

Zurich Trams

4. Kantagi Temple, Dinajpur, Bangladesh– Oldest temple in Bangladesh. Built in 1702 by Maharaja Premnath. One of the first Terracotta religious architecture in Bangladesh.

Kantagir Temple

5. RFK Bridge in Astoria, New York – Night time in Astoria, New York. Queens county is the most diverse county in the U.S.A. Always fascinating to see different cultures, cuisines in the city; its a melting pot a global village).

RFK Bridge, Astoria

6. Falconry in UAEFalconry is a popular sport in the UAE, and enjoyed by ordinary citizens as well as the highest ranking members of society. It is usually practiced in desert and semi-deserts around the region. Falcon is the national bird in the U.A.E.

Me with Falcon

7. Snowstorm in Northeast U.S.A. – Never trust the weather in New York as they say. It can be sunny one day and snow the next. Streets of Astoria, New York after snowstorm.

Astoria, New York

8. Mezze (Flight to Doha from JFK)Qatar Airways Business class has been ranked the best in the airlines world. Mazzeh, Meze, Mezze, or Mazza is a selection of small dishes served as appetizers in much of Middle East, the Balkans, and North Africa.

Mezze- Qatar Airways Appetizer

9. Sindur – Dinajpur, Bangladesh: Sindooram is a red or orange-red colored cosmetic powder from the Indian subcontinent, usually worn by married Hindu women. It is commonly known as Sindur or kumkum, applying it on a women’s hair simply means they are married and ceasing it means widowhood.


10. Zurich Morning, Switzerland: Every corner of Zurich is beautiful, morning or evening city or village; the word “beautiful” is an understatement.

Zurich Morning