Top 5 Altcoins for Huge Gains

Below are the top five altcoins that will offer huge gains. Although these cryptocurrencies may never reach the same heights as Bitcoin, they are still some of the best altcoins with potential. These are some of the Altcoins, I am currently holding, buying or trading. (Note: I’m not a financial advisor and this is only based on my assumptions)

  1. ETHEREUM: Any coin after Bitcoin has potential to grow and explode in 2021 or the coming years, it is Ethereum! A lot of DeFi projects are built on the Ethereum network which has allowed it to gain more traction in the crypto space. Ethereum also allows the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The Ethereum technology is widely accepted because of its efficiency which is evidenced in December 2016 when Ethereum technology exceeded 1 million transactions in a single day. Ethereum is a decentralized finance (DeFi) technology which allows cryptocurrency users to do transactions without the need of third party brokers. This is no doubt gives a huge control to the users to eliminate intermediaries with smart contracts to worth investing in.
Ethereum Price. Source: Coinbase

As Ethereum 2.0 is up, it is a matter of time that Ethereum price triples and leaves the investors happy. Ethereum 2.0 project aim is to handle more than tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Ethereum Market Stats. Source: Coinbase

2. Cardano (ADA): Cardano (ADA) has become an investor favorite in recent months. Year-to-date, ADA has returned over 570% and its price currently hovers around $2.40. Just few months back the price was $1.09 and now it has surged to $2.40.

Cardano Price. Source: Coinbase

Cardano, a blockchain platform, is now among the top ten cryptos. Now investors are wondering if the current enthusiasm could push ADA even higher. In the coming weeks, the current hype around Cardano might be replaced by profit-taking and increased FUD. However, the bull run for Cardano is possibly just getting started. Due to its large market cap, it is currently a very popular currency among many in the crypto space. Many in the market are now expecting ADA to go well over $3 in the coming months.

Cardao Market Stats. Source: Coinbase

3. Dogecoin: As Dogecoin started as a meme coin but it has come a long way. On January 2021, when the price was only $0.01 but the price surged to $0.64 by May 2021. Currently, the price is hovering to $0.32 and the good news is it hasn’t crashed like it had in the past. Some of the reasons why I am still holding Dogecoin:

Day Trading DOGE is Profitable.
Engaging Social Media Fans.
Positive Dogecoin Comments from celebrities
Dogecoin Has a Humanitarian and Friendly Feel to it.
Trade Volumes Are Soaring Through the Roof.
More Exchanges Have Started Listing Dogecoin.
Dogecoin scales relatively faster than Bitcoin.

There Are Several DOGE Available For Purchase.

4. Alchemy (ACH) – Alchemy is aiming to be a good investment for those who want sizable returns. Alchemy runs as a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) which can prove to be a high-return investment for the smart investor. Alchemy also offers investors a tokenized option for financial derivatives. Alchemy Pay’s (ACH) crypto price has exploded and has risen more than 1,200 percent in the last seven days alone. However, it still trades under $1. As more businesses move to accept crypto payments, many projects have offered crypto payments solutions. Alchemy Pay is another one. The platform enables merchants to accept a variety of cryptocurrencies as payment in addition to fiat money. Its partners include e-commerce platform provider Shopify. Alchemy’s services are paid for using the ACH token.

Source: Coinbase
Source: Alchemy Twitter

There are a little more than 3 billion ACH tokens in circulation out of the current total supply of 10 billion tokens. Unlike Ripple and Stellar Lumens cryptos, Alchemy Pay doesn’t have a maximum supply limit.

Investors are rushing to buy the ACH token following recent positive developments. Alchemy Pay’s recent partnership with Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has stirred interest in the ACH token. Binance will use Alchemy’s network to expand its crypto payment service. The arrangement is expected to generate more demand for the ACH token and investors anticipate the crypto’s price to appreciate.

Alchemy’s crypto price has also got a boost from the Coinbase effect after securing a listing on the highly reputed exchange. Coinbase is the platform where many big investors execute their crypto trades. For example, Tesla made its $1.5 billion Bitcoin buy through Coinbase. Therefore, a Coinbase listing promises to expose Alchemy Pay to many big investors.

Source: Coinbase

Is Alchemy Pay a good investment?
Alchemy’s prospects look bright as its partnership network widens and uptake of crypto payments by consumers and merchants grows. The crypto has had many ups and downs and brave investors who buy the dip have seen the best returns. In July 2021, for instance, ACH token plunged to what still remains its all-time how. Those who bought that dip have already seen their more grow more than 1,500 percent.

Source: Coinbase


Stellar, a decentralized platform for uniting the world’s various banking systems, uses different, disconnected payment methods (ACH, SEPA, SPEI, etc). Stellar’s network connects these systems through a decentralized ledger, with on-off ramps for every payment method.

Stellar’s closest competitor, Ripple, faces SEC investigation. Stellar has a prime opportunity to seize the moment and take its best shot at becoming the global payment network.

To prevent spam on the Stellar Network, users must pay a transaction fee and meet a margin requirement in Stellar’s token, Lumens (XLM).The last couple of weeks saw an impressive surge in the price of this cryptocurrency. This is a consequence of the recent partnerships that Stellar has dived into. 2021 turned out to be great for Stellar as the price rose from a mere $0.3 to $0.77 in no time. This leaves us with predictions that the price would increase in the days ahead and hence investing in it right away would be a good decision to make.

Source: Coinbase
Source: Coinbase
Source: Coinbase

Apart from those 5 altcoins above, I have also invested in Algorand and Litecoin, AMP, Enjin Coin (ENJ), Decentraland (MANA) and Basic Attention Token (BAT). Are there any other altcoins suggestions?