Emirates During the Pandemic

Last year on March 2020, all flights started to ground due to the ongoing pandemic. Passengers were stranded and most of them were unable to fly back home. I was supposed to fly on March 2020 to Dubai by Emirates but my flight was canceled. As the borders are opening up and citizens of different countries are getting vaccinated, more and more people are able to start flying to different destinations. Below some of the countries have most fully vaccinated people:

Source: Our World in Data

Israel is already leading in the vaccination process, but UAE and US is not far behind either; US with 24.7% and UAE with 22.1%.

Source: Our World in Data

On April 10, 2021, Emirates proudly announced that it successfully completed its first flight where everyone on board was vaccinated against COVID-19. Emirates carried nearly 400 vaccinated passengers around the UAE on that day. The flight carried both fully vaccinated crew and passengers which was supported by fully vaccinated ground staff. This move has demonstrated U.A.E.’s fully prepared to support a safe return of air travel; Emirates intent of becoming an important connector across the globe.

Notably, over 35,000 Emirates employees have received their coronavirus vaccine shot from one of the company’s vaccination centers. Moreover, over 85% of the airline’s pilots and flight attendants already have received two doses. The firm was also putting work in ahead of the vaccine rollout, getting Dubai World Central (DWC) prepared for distribution last fall.

Source: Emirates
Source: Emirates

Inflight Services

There is no doubt about Emirates inflight services, before and after the pandemic; Emirates has shown a world class service (ICE, Meal and Crew Services) for its passengers whether in Economy or Business Class.

It is unknown when the world can come back to Pre- Covid days but this is the new normal and airlines are adjusting their services according to the situation. A similar initiative like Emirates is followed by other airlines like Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways.

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