Year 2020 would be one of those year which would like to be forgotten completely. The world was affected by a pandemic (COVID-19), for most of the world’s population it was an overnight life transformation. For few the pandemic was a hoax, some thought and still believes a conspiracy theory and then another group of people who feel it might be the end of the world. For some it turned out to be better bringing new innovations and startups since the economy was hit hard and business models had to be changed. Being part of the airline industry I know how bad the airline industry has been hit but on the other hand, cargo airlines like UPS, DHL and FedEx had a good business year. In New York, the lockdown and restrictions started towards the end of the March; empty streets, empty airport, closed restaurants and shops. Signs of social distancing of “6 feet apart”, hand sanitizers everywhere and not the least wearing masks. A little relief as lockdowns started to be lifted and international borders started to open up; luckily was able to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Finally, the year 2020 is about to end and we are stepping towards 2021 with a fresh start with hopes as vaccines are approved. Here are some of the pictures of year 2020.

  1. Wear your masks in public

2. Empty JFK Airtrain

3. Empty Terminal 4

4. First Stimulus Check Announcement

5. Social Distancing Signs “6 Feet Apart”

6. Empty Terminal 1 at JFK International Airport, New York

7. Aerial View of Dubai City (October 4, 2020)

8. Spice Market Dubai

9. Streets of Sharjah, U.A.E.

10. Safe Distance sticker in Arabic and English – Dubai, U.A.E.

11. Snowstorm in New York

12. Residences in Ras Al Khor – Dubai, UAE

13. Emirates Airlines at JFK- New York

14. Rainy Day in Queens

15. Snow day in Queens

16. Fall and Rain